I should get a server based in switzerland if the german gov continues with making stupid laws. We want privacy, no big brother.

Updating Nextcloud today to 20.08 and then to 21.0 😁 Wish me luck.

Update on my Venus flytraps: I found more flowers. So my Venus flytraps have 8 flowers now, each of which brings me around 30-40 seeds, that is up to 320 seeds. I really need a greenhouse soon!

made a small "now playing" widget for my website. Spotify streams the song to last.fm and the widget gets it via API:


repotted my venus flytraps today and found another blossom, so i'll get 5 blossoms. Thats around 200 seeds. i need a glasshouse soon...

Bought a 50€ Game for my new switch. Doesn't work on TV-Mode. Bye bye Switch.

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